Hi, I’m Sebastien (or Baz)

I’m a multidisciplinary graphic designer,
born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and
raised in Geneva, Switzerland.

I love to find simple, joyful solutions to complex problems, and to make the intimidating approachable, through branding, packaging, typography and print. I’m a fan of scribbling, making a mess and funnelling the chaos into thoughtful, concise and playful outcomes that combine both analog and digital approaches.

My more conceptual work explores questions of racial and cultural identity and language, while my branding work focuses on the ways brands fit into people’s lives and the moments they share and enjoy together. I’m attracted to briefs that aim to destigmatize, educate or otherwise explore within categories or topics that are overlooked.

I believe great design comes from the ability to find value and excitement in the world around us, in all that is captivating, and in that which is seemingly mundane.

Ubique Daemon / Ubique Deus
Austin Osman Spare; Wikipedia︎

Nottingham ⇄ Geneva